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         "Church Registration Form"

Each church in good standing with the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist
District Association needs to complete a church registration
form.  Click on the link below, complete the form and bring
it to the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist District Center or just simply
mail it to:
Mt. Pilgrim Baptist District Association
P.O. Box 2245
Birmingham, Alabama  35201
Attention:  Sis. Dorothy McAdory

Mt. Pilgrim Baptist District Association Churches"

All churches in the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist District Association
are listed here.  Please view the listed churches.  Take a
minute to see if your churches information is correct.  If
you find that your churches' information is not correct,
please inform your church clerk and have them complete a
church registration form and mail it to us.  Thanks for your
assistance in helping us keep our information correct.
                                           Greetings in the Precious Name
                                           of Jesus our Christ and Savior!

                                           It is with inexplicable joy that I
                                           welcome you to our web-site.
                                           As you seek information and
                                           inspiration I pray you find it as
                                           friendly as our union of
                                           churches that comprise this
                                           Christian Association. There
                                           are times in the lives or seekers
                                           and believers that we face a crisis.
Situations begin to grow bigger than our abilities, circumstances
exceed our control, and it looks like life itself is being threatened.  
The mountain of trouble appears so high we are uncertain of what
lies on the other side. Often the dangers ahead of us obscure the
hope we have for the future.  When these times of uncertainty
come, we cannot let what we do not know cause us to forget
what we know. That is, God will ultimately work out all things
for our good and for His glory.
If you need
prayer of a faith partner leave us a message and
someone from our team of believers will respond to the contact
information you leave.  Visit our site often and check out
our list of associational churches.
I encourage you to visit
one of them if you do not have a church home.

In the Name of Our Risen King,

Charles R. Winston Jr.
Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist District
Association.  We are here to serve you and we are glad you took
the time to visit with us.
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Office of the Moderator

Our prayer is that the Lord has kept and
prospered you amid this Covid-19 Pandemic.  
We have lost loved ones prematurely to a
virus that has crippled the world.  We
express our deepest sympathy to every
family and church family affected by this
deadly virus.  We wish a speedy recovery to
all those that may be healing and remain in
the struggle.

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